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Why Core Physical Therapy?

You want a skilled and attentive physical therapist.
We understand that you are taking time out of your busy day to see us. We want to give you the attention you deserve to make the changes you need quickly. We promise that we will not double book your appointments, EVER. Your evaluation will be one hour of one-on-one time with your physical therapist, and will include a comprehensive explanation of what’s going on, skilled manual intervention, and introductory home exercise program.

You want a high value physical therapy experience every visit.
Physical therapy costs money, so why not get the best value for your dollar? Our physical therapists will use manual intervention, relevant and challenging exercises each and every visit. When we use exercise specialists, we make sure they hold a degree in exercise related field and are capable of giving you feedback on technique.  We guarantee that you will have a one hour, 1-on-1 evaluation with your therapist that includes a thorough examination and explanation of your condition, treatment options with all of your questions answered.  We will also initiate treatment the first day.  During your follow-up visits you will have at minimum 30 minutes of treatment by your physical therapist 1-on-1, followed by a guided exercises with our exercise specialists.

You want consistency, reliability, and convenience.
You’ve worked hard to assemble a medical team you can trust, and your choice of physical therapist should not be treated any differently. Patients make gains faster when their following a treatment plan, philosophy, and technique of the same physical therapist every visit. We want you to have that same therapists help you reach your goals, and develop a long-term relationship for your future orthopedic needs. You can see your physical therapist any time by scheduling online.